Welcome! I invite you to look around to get ideas for your projects or discover to how I can help you with them.

Take your time. contact me when you're ready.

Now, I don't expect you to read my whole site word for word. However, I would highly encourage and hope you do. That'd mean you're a reader and care about who you hire as a writer for your company. If you're considering hiring a writer, it's important that you know who they are, what their values are and how they can help.

But if reading and vetting writers aren't your cups of tea, I suppose I can write a short paragraph for you and leave it tucked at the bottom for you to scroll and skim through this page to read that. 


I'll do that for the sake of your time.

For those of you patient enough to read through what I'm saying here, thanks for reading. I admire anyone who enjoys reading for the sake of reading.

I'm Derien Ward. I've been writing 

Oh come on, really? I believed in you. you were doing so good getting to the second paragraph, but if you really don't have time to thoroughly vet the writer you hire and wish to only read a paragraph, so be it. Here you go:

I am Derien Ward. A writer for 8+ years constantly looking to improve upon my life and 

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